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We serve a vast variety of coffee including Cappuccino. Latte, Cafe Americano, Mocha, Espresso among others. We also have a daily continental buffet served from 12 noon to 4:30 pm and a wide menu of dinner to choose from, all fruit cocktails, soft and alcoholic beverages, wines, pizzas and a variety of confectionaries.

We offer venue for birthday parties, baby showers, lunch meetings and many more.We are located at Plot 10, Twed Towers, Kafu Road, Nakasero Kampala. We have ample and safe parking, a private and serene environment with great internet access. We make doorstep deliveries

Contact us on +256 7502 63333/ +256 750coffee. Email

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Inspire Africa Ltd


Create a young generation of African entrepreneurs with a patriotic, progressive and visionary outlook to business success through Practical business incubations, investments.


Inspire Africa shall advance the ideals of youths’ empowerment of putting innovation and creativity to work through advancing entrepreneurial skills development, and promoting Agribusiness, technology interconnections while addressing a diverse cultural environment in the development of exemplary successful businesses in Africa.


Africa is developing very fast and is awash with the youthful human resource that will assure a technological revolution by the end of the 21st century. Africans will adopt and use technology in new ways and the diverse continental cultures will be interconnected than never before. The ICT will leverage high cost of doing business for delivering creation of new jobs, businesses, and markets at lower cost, speed and value.

However a new breed of a young generation is faced with the continents challenges of insufficient technology advancement, inadequate entrepreneurial skills and poor discovery of markets. To solve these challenges requires a great vision harnessing the prowess of the youths’ advancing technology, innovation and creativity. Inspire Africa is therefore founded on ideals of empowerment by investing into business portfolios that capture innovativeness and creativity for socioeconomic development in all aspects of livelihoods.

Inspire Africa was initially established to address challenges of unemployment faced by youths. Founded in 2009, Inspire Africa has changed lives of many youths across the continent through business skilling and has a regular forum platform through which the youths communicate and share their business successes. This has showcased that the future is promising and portrayed a bright future exhibited in the youths’ entrepreneurial prowess.

Inspire Africa will continue to build collaborations among successful businesses built by the youths’ entrepreneurs on the African continent. It will also build capacities specific to youths’ development in order to attain the desired skills and competences in various vocations of comparative advantage for engineering successful entrepreneurship in Africa.

Inspire Africa is on a mission: To create and empower fresh generation of African entrepreneurs with practical entrepreneurial experience, while extending to them practical business exposure and mentorship. Over the years, this initiative has grown into a fast developing human development organization in the east African region.

Inspire Africa is a Human Capital Development organization with the sole goal of engineering successful entrepreneurship in Africa through identifying the best business minds in Africa and supporting their entrepreneurial cause through providing them with logistical assistance, knowledge and other requisite services to propel them into successful business personalities